My Story


Food has always been a core of my growing years until today as a food practitioner. I was born in a family with a food factory that makes rice delicacies and baked foods.

My father is a self-taught food research and development guru who works endless hours in our small kitchen concocting recipes.

My aunt entrepreneurial skills commercialize the formula in the production, recruited peddlers to sell the food and distribute to retail markets.

For over 15 years I observe the challenges of running a food business including the increasing prices of key raw materials to manage profit margins, training and keeping workers, identifying peddlers, discovering new market locations and coping with the fast urbanization of the factory location.

I celebrate with my family the joy of having four of my older siblings who successfully graduated with a degree of their choice that assists the younger siblings including myself to graduate with a degree in Foods and Nutrition in a well-known college in Manila, Saint Paul College now a University.

I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my Dietetics practice by obtaining a license from Professional Regulation Commission in Nutrition and Dietetics which opens the door for me to work as Community Nutritionist of Social Action Foundation for Rural and Urban Development (SAFRUDI) then as Chief Dietitian of a pediatric hospital and later as college instructor.

My experience has grown my understanding of the role of nutrition and dietetics in a developing country, creating interesting approaches in instructing to sustain and hone the skills of students. It is in teaching that I discover the significance of work experience to a meaningful classroom instruction.

For three years I work as Recipe Researcher and Teacher in a culinary school and test kitchen, a promotional arm of a food company. Guided by my entrepreneurial background and interest to further develop my skills in food business management, I accept the challenge to pursue employment in one of the leading food processing company in the Philippines.

With my long-term goal to help food entrepreneurs to be successful in introducing innovative food ideas and build a strong brand loyalty among consumers, I involve in different health and food related organization and direct consumer brand marketing efforts.

I am profoundly indebted to food companies that support my ideas and contribution as part of the Research and Development, Marketing and Sales, and Promotions Team.  I am grateful for over 10 years of trust in the integration of test kitchen functions in influencing the utilization of food brands in different menu preparation in food service establishment and consumers through published recipes in print medium, national live-cooking sessions, culinary competitions, radio and television shows.

The word “Tita”, means an aunt, a confidante, a friend to trust in cooking brought “Tita Lhu”, my name and persona to bring affinity of the foods to every consumer’s family table. This leads to the organization of The Good Food Club, a consumer organization compose of 17,000 members of loyal consumers.

Sales and brand management has been a challenging but exciting role as it deepens my understanding of strategic marketing plan to specific target market to deliver sales. Training of food concessions in food handling and safety play a significant role in maintaining food freshness and brand presence in food service outlets and special events held nationally and internationally.

For over 10 years as Food Technologist in R&D Innovation and Commercialization in a food manufacturing company in Canada, I realize the strategic function of research and development in food innovation.  R&D role in increasing company sales, consumer loyalty and audience to existing and new customers are valuable to any vibrant company. Food creative thoughts and imagination creates a niche for new food profile in flavor, texture, appearance, health and safety impact, packaging sustainability and even processing that bring revolutionary change to the operation. Innovation is the engine that drives entrepreneurs to bring in new ideas or brand as a result of the market analysis that uncovers opportunities and that capitalizes on new possibilities.

After more than decades of career in the food business and industry, every food entrepreneur has a capacity to become innovative. It is not limited to start-ups or elite research but the capability to change the rule of the aspects of business that uncovers opportunities and that capitalizes on possibilities.

iSfood Innovation Company empowers every food entrepreneur to unlock possibilities.