Designing food ideas that are scalable and marketable


Do you have a great recipe but unsure how to scale for larger production, increase shelf life, and offer mass market appeal?

Here's how

  • Pre-launch consulting for your food idea

  • Know how to stand out amongst competitors

  • Testing, research and development of your food idea including packaging or format and panel test with select target market and test market

  • Reformulate food to improve quality, shelf life and profit margin

  • Identify your target market and marketing opportunities

  • Design commercialization process guidelines, raw material specifications, finished food target specs, food trial requirements, food safety and training

  • Identify co-manufacturing companies and strategic business alliances to produce, promote and sell foods

  • Guidance to food costings and CHFA requirements

What I can offer

Consulting services to make your ‘food idea’ scalable and marketable. We specialize in helping you take your food idea to the mass market.

No matter the stage of your business pre-launch to expansion, we can help you redesign your products, create new ones, or scale your existing product line

Our services include:

  • Food formulation and incubation

  • Food commercialization

  • Shelf life study

  • Food labelling and packaging development

  • Recipe development for promotions

  • Training needs for food services, production, consumer services

  • Identify co-manufacturing companies or co-packing services

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